Safety is Our Top Priority

Winner of the 2022 Michael J. Casbon Safety Awards. This prestigious award was given to our company from the National Demolition Association 0 – 175,000 Man Hours.

Olcese’s number one priority across all lines of business is safety. Safety is priority number one, from collection drivers, equipment operators, and shop personnel. Safety is paramount, from morning tailgate safety meetings to safety committee meetings which are held regularly. Our safety committee is employee based because they’re the ones in the field helping us to create new safety policies, tool box topics, and to address safety issues around projects and customer concerns. We strive every day for zero accidents.

Employee safety training at Olcese includes OSHA 10 and 30 training, Hazwoper training, asbestos training, and confined space training. We produce Hazard analysis work sheets for our demolition projects, to keep our Team safe every day.

Pre-employment drug tests are required along with random testing as a condition of employment with Olcese.

Our safety committee meets monthly to go over and review safety and take suggestions from team members on how to improve safety within the company.

Quarterly safety meetings are held to remind team members to be safe on the roads, landfills, recycling facilities and job sites.

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