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Olcese Waste Services in Eureka County


Residential and commercial waste services in Eureka County!


Looking for curbside garbage pick-up in Churchill County, NV? Operating as Fernandes Disposal, we offer convenient, affordable, and reliable collection services. Existing customers: you can now pay your bill online!


Save money on waste disposal. We offer custom trash and recycling plans for retail stores and other businesses. Our dumpster, compactor, and recycling options can help you business become more efficient and economical.


Got heavy-duty, high-volume waste disposal needs? Our dumpster, disposal, and waste stream management services are suitable for the full range of industrial needs. Let us help you streamline your disposal operations.


We’re your local, pro quality demolition contractor. Safety is our priority, and no project is too big for us. We own all our own equipment and create custom plans to keep each project on-time and on-budget.


Go green and save. Filling dumpsters with recycling can reduce your disposal costs. We can even cut YOU a check for certain bulk recyclables. We create custom waste stream plans to see how we can help you cut costs.


There’s more to waste disposal than chuck & dump. We help you find the best combination of compactor versus bailer, dumpster sizes, pickup frequency, and other details to meet your business needs and reduce costs.

Did you know there’s a recycling crisis in the U.S.? Learn more about our commercial & industrial recycling and waste stream management services.


Can I switch my residential trash service at home to another company other than Waste Management?

No. Waste management is the only company that is franchised to handle garbage collection in Sparks due to city ordinances. According to The Washoe County Health Department, this helps protect public health from disease generated by food waste.

Can I rent temporary dumpster or container for cleanup in my home?

Yes. We can haul everything except for food waste and hazardous waste in Sparks. We offer 10 yd bins, 20 yd bins, 30 yd bins, 40 yd bins.

“Olcese is awesome!  They helped us get our waste off of the site in record time, and it was all cleaned up right away!”

~ Renee, Site Manager...


Percentage of US Businesses That Recycle in Some Form


Estimated Percentage of Waste That Can Be Recycled in the US


Actual Percentage of Waste That Is Recycled in the US

17 Tips for E-Waste Disposal at Home & Work

17 Tips for E-Waste Disposal at Home & Work

Disposing of E-Waste    What is E-Waste? E-waste is all electronic waste (examples: computers, TVs, cell phones, refrigerators, etc.). In 2013 the USA produced about 1.87 tons of e-waste.1 This type of waste cannot always just be thrown in the trash and you need...

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Residential garbage service: call 775-867-3186 ext. 1


Commercial & industrial waste management and recycling: contact is Bob Ballinger at 775-443-5849 or

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