Commercial & Industrial Recycling Services | Northern Nevada

At Olcese, we understand how recycling can impact your business and bottom-line. Our innovative recycling programs help turn your trash into a sustainable waste stream. Not only will your company save time and money, but you will help improve the environment.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact & Improve Your Bottom Line

We specialize in developing recycling and trash programs for industrial and retail businesses who produce large amounts of commercial packaging waste. This includes everything from cardboard boxes and plastic wrap, to EPS foam, and mixed rigid plastic (MRP). Our Waste Stream Consultants work one-on-one with you to analyze your current waste stream and help you choose the best plan for your business.


Recyclables (Items accepted)

reno waste management
  • Cardboard (OCC)
  • Clear Stretch Wrap Plastic
  • Hard Plastics (MRP) Mixed Rigid Plastic
  • EPS Foam Recycling
  • Metals (ferrous/non-ferrous)
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Non-Recyclables (Items not accepted)

reno waste management
  • Computer Monitors (CRTs)
  • Custom Recycling Programs for High Volume Customers
  • Televisions
  • Lightbulbs
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Solvents (waste oil, paint thinner, etc.)
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Commercial Recycling Services

Take a look at our most popular recycling services. With scheduled pick-ups and competitive pricing, Olcese guarantees the best service possible. Contact us for to learn about the best recycling program for your business.

Front Loader Trash Services

  • Flexible, cost effective pricing
  • Great for low volumes of recyclables
  • Good for separating materials on-site

Roll Off Bins

  • Made for materials that are bigger than a pallet

Compact or Hauling

  • Suited best for high-volumes
  • Roll off bins
  • Service 5 days a week

Bale Route Purchase

  • Arrange for pick-up and payment at your location
  • 20 ton minimum

Waste Stream Consulting

Minimize Your Landfill Waste
Olcese can help you maximize your recycling while minimizing landfill waste. Our advanced recycling programs help cut down on the amount of waste and trash sent to landfills. Not only does this help the environment, but it also benefits your business by helping to lower costs associated with waste removal. Our recycling programs follow the Go Green Initiative and Zero Landfill Initiative, while also utilizing strategic diversion programs to ensure the best results possible.

How We Work

Step 1: We will evaluate your current waste volumes and identify if they are categorized as recyclables or landfill.

Step 2: Next, we will identify if there’s a revenue stream in your waste stream.

Step 3: After this, we will help you choose the best recycling programs that help you minimize landfill, while maximizing your recycling efforts.

Step 4: Finally, we implement your custom waste stream programs for your business. This includes trash collection, sorting, and processing. Our goal is to make the biggest environmental impact possible, while also saving your business time and money.

Reducing your environmental impact has never been easier. Contact us to find out which recycling service is right for you.