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Digester Cleaning, Pond Cleaning, and Dewatering

Keep Your Wastewater Treatment Facility Operating at Peak Capacity


Olcese Construction offers wastewater digester cleaning, pond cleaning, and dewatering with our mobile press.

Our fleet of trucks, pumps, hoses, support vehicles, and – most importantly – our well-trained crew enables us to provide service nationwide.

Leave it to our experienced crew to  safely clean and dewater facilities, removing grit and debris without property damage or worker injury.

We invest heavily in training our employees to safely and efficiently clean out tanks and ponds. We have confined space-trained employees on staff.

Emergency Service Available

Tips to Limit Downtime and ensure smooth cleaning at Your water treatment Facility:

plant Keep the following points in mind when you schedule this type of work to minimize interference with your normal plant operations:


  • Temperature needs to be above 40 degrees fahrenheit for maximum efficiency. Hoses, pumps, and press become inoperable at freezing temperatures.
  • The press requires ample power to operate 480 3-phase and requires a fair amount of rinse water (225 gallons per minute).
  • Ample lay down area – our press needs to be on a flat surface to operate. The slightest incline makes the dewatering press unable to operate efficiently.
  • Providing us with analytical data on the sludge that needs to be processed enables us to order the correct polymer to operate the press at maximum efficiency and save you money.


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