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Founded in 1997 by Tillio Olcese, we’re the premier waste management, demolition and solid waste contracting company and serve both California and Nevada. We maintain the highest level of safety, strive to keep our projects on-time and pride ourselves on quality work and customer service. We’re the leader in demolition, excavation and waste management services! Give us a call today at 775-882-1647 and discover the Olcese difference.

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Waste Management & Demolition: Our Story

It all started with Hogs, yes Hogs.

Garbage (wet garbage that is) was hauled from the San Francisco area restaurants to farms in Colma, California. It was cooked and fed to the hogs. When development encroached, the farms were moved further away. That’s when Tillio’s father, Tillio Sr., saw an opportunity to get into the garbage business and bought a share in Carmel Disposal in 1971.

Tillio was interested in all aspects of trucks as early as three years old. At four years old he was on a drop box truck at the Marble Cone fire in Big Sur, at five years old he would go on the route with his dad. Later, he would go with his dad and brother to help their uncle who was still in the swill hauling business. However, he knew he wanted to do more with his life.

He informed his family that he was going to college in Lake Tahoe, and after graduation began what become a successful snow removal business in Incline Village. During his time in college, he also got his contractors license for Nevada and California and started doing light contracting jobs. That’s when he decided to include demolition, realizing he needed to hire boxes to haul away the debris, he purchased a truck and a few boxes. The business continued to grow. Another drop box was purchased and a driver hired—his first hire in the business.

Next, Tillio bought his first corporation yard, more boxes, and a lowboy trailer to hail a new excavator. There were many more hires, more demolitions, and more boxes being moved.

There is now another and even bigger corporation yard with on-site recycling and the recent addition of a garbage company

At 16, to everyone’s surprise, he come home one afternoon handed his mom a piece of paper, a pilot license with the name Tillio Olcese on it. She never knew he signed up to do this, what was there to say?

Except, no surprise the company which started on April 4, 1997, has numerous employees is a growing enterprise.

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